This warranty will only apply to NATURA QUARTZ surfaces which provided by NATURA QUARTZ’s official distributors. NATURA QUARTZ warrants only materials that are permanently installed and used in residential structures that have not been moved or altered from where they were originally installed. This limited warranty applies only to materials that have been paid in full. NATURA QUARTZ must be maintained, according to Care and Maintenance guidelines set forth by NATURA QUARTZ, to be eligible under this warranty. Abuse of any kind will void any claim that is made due to defect.
NATURA QUARTZ does not warrant for any products that are used outdoors or in weather conditions that are out of the ordinary limitations of the products. Direct and constant exposure to the sun may cause differences in the appearance of the material and therefore should be avoided. This warranty does not cover NATURA QUARTZ that are used as material for flooring, or are installed in boats, ships, recreational vehicles, steam rooms and/or indoor pools. NATURA QUARTZ does not warrant issues or failures relating to transportation, fabrication or installation of the material including, but not limited to, appearance or performance of seams, caulking, etc. Please contact your fabricator/installer for claims of this type. This limited warranty does not cover products exposed to abnormal use or conditions, or abuse in any way. “Abnormal use or conditions” includes, but is not limited to, cracks that occur from thermal shock from the use of hot pots, skillets or other hot items placed directly on the surfaces; damages from exposure to ultraviolet light, physical or chemical abuses, acid etching, damages from improper care and maintenance or damages from chipping, cracking, scratches, impact damages or breakings due to customer abuses.
NATURA QUARTZ cannot be held responsible for temporary marks including, but not limited to, any fingerprints, cup stains or any other stains/marks derived from daily use of these materials. Some marks are extremely difficult to cleanse if they are left on NATURA QUARTZ, especially on surfaces in special finishes (including honed, leather, eggshell or brushed finishes), without any cleaning effort within the first 24 hours. Please read our care and maintenance guide carefully to obtain the best maintenance method.
NATURA QUARTZ will not warrant any damages or flaws of the material that are the result of modification of the materials including, but not limited to, bending, curving, milling, reducing the thickness of the materials or alternating any factory applied finishes.


NATURA QUARTZ or its distributors may provide you with samples for general selection. However, samples are only representative and are not an exact replication of what will be installed in your home. Variations in color, gloss, finish, size, shade, shape, and pattern distribution of natural stone (quartz), and the tone of background, are inherent and unique characteristics to be expected with this product. Therefore, this limited warranty does not cover these differences between samples and your purchased products. In addition, NATURA QUARTZ does not warrant any products that you, the customer, decide you do not like after installation due to colors, edging styles or other opinions based on personal preferences. If you have any questions regarding to NATURA QUARTZ’s products and/or designs, please contact
NATURA QUARTZ directly or its official distributors. This limited warranty does not cover any request to repair or replace NATURA QUARTZ due to any additional or supplemental repairs or modifications such as, for example, any plumbing, electrical, tile or wall surface modifications. NATURA QUARTZ is not responsible for any damages or injuries caused in whole or in part by acts of nature, job site conditions, architectural and engineering designs, structural movements, acts of vandalism, or accidents.
NATURA QUARTZ are produced from pure natural quartz aggregates which are adhered with polyester resin with color powder. Thus, there might be some issues originated from the materials’ properties such as small spots, abnormal particle distribution or discoloration on the surfaces. These do not affect the structure or integrity of the material and are not considered as a manufacturing defect or material failure. They hence are not covered by this warranty.


The above represents the entire residential warranty for the NATURA QUARTZ material and will supersede any other warranty or representation, both oral and written. NATURA QUARTZ disclaims any and all other warranty that has been made with respect to NATURA QUARTZ. No other person, company, representative, dealer, fabricator, or distributor will be allowed to make any promises or commitments regarding to terms and conditions of warranty for NATURA QUARTZ .
NATURA QUARTZ reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of this Warranty, at any time without notice to you. These changes, modifications, addition or removals will be in effect as they are announced on NATURA QUARTZ website: and will be applied for all NATURA QUARTZ which are sold thereof. Regarding to any material which is sold before such changes, modifications, addition or removes, you have the right to choose either the previous warranty policy or the latest version.



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